When tough times hit, some businesses succeed and others fail. Why is this? Over the years, I have worked beside and with some pretty exceptional entrepreneurs and top executives. For the most part, they all share some common characteristics that truly define their success – Focus, Faith and Effort.
Staying focused is a very powerful tool. For me, the focus can change from day to day, and in some cases from minute to minute. I Kim Richardsoncan’t say it was by plan or design. I never would have thought I would be involved with three different business identities: KRTS, TransRep and The Rear View Mirror. One of the reasons I get it to work is because although they are three different businesses I look at them as one, and over the years, I have found that they all help each other. I have been in a meeting specifically for KRTS when opportunities arise for TransRep, or I have been in a TransRep meeting and work comes out of it for The Rear View Mirror. Once these opportunities are presented, I turn to my outstanding team. They are the ones who help put the deals together and the people in place to move the project forward and create another satisfied customer. Being involved in multiple businesses allows us to have great momentum. It’s never boring and I know our staff like the variety of work.
If you don’t have faith in yourself, how can anyone have faith in you? When you know what you’re doing and are confident in what you are talking about, your confidence will show through. Let’s not confuse confidence with cockiness, though. It’s equally important to be confident enough to say “I don’t know, good question. Let me get back to you.” And in that vein, if you don’t know, or can’t offer the service your customer is looking for, help them find the business that can, having faith that you will have created a raving fan that will return again for one of the services you can provide.
Every successful leader I know has a crystal clear vision. A clear vision is made possible when you have faith in your team. Within our business, we have a team of executors – they have the autonomy to make decisions, argue on behalf of the company and customers and question leadership when necessary. I have faith in them and that is key to our success. If you find yourself complaining about your team, there is only one thing to do – look in the mirror, and you will find the answer to your problem. If you have lost faith in your team, I can promise you that they have lost faith in you too.
Constant effort over time will help with success. I mean good old-fashioned hard work. This is also contagious to your team. I am fortunate to have a home office and spend many, many early hours working from home in the mornings, Proposals, projects, correspondence and reading fill most mornings. When adding to my team, I look for motivated people – I’m self-motivated and love those who are self-motivated too. You can inspire and empower, but motivation comes from within. Hire motivated people!
Success is a personal thing and means different things to each of us, but every person I know who is successful possesses a high level of focus, faith and effort. Next time you are around successful people, have a look, and I am sure you will find these three ingredients in their recipe for success.

About the Author
Kim Richardson is a husband, proud dad, friend, loves Caledonia, and is involved in a couple of businesses, KRTS, Transrep, The Rear View Mirror. Currently the Chairman of the Board OTA Allied Trade Division. Executive Director, PTDI and TTSAO. Anyone who knows Kim knows he has been in the industry and transportation runs in his blood. Kim can be reached through his business websites at KRTS Inc, and Transrep Inc, Kim Richardson on Linkedln, krichardson@krway.com

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