Linamar Transportation out of Guelph Ontario is the latest highly respected and recognizable fleet to join the KRTS Preferred Partner Program with plans on recruiting both entry level and past graduates out of the KRTS AZ training program. Linamar is joining Challenger Motor Freight out of Cambridge who began as a Preferred Partner in 2014, and Ippolito Transportation out of Burlington who partnered with KRTS in 2015.

“We could not be more excited to have Linamar on board as a preferred partner. They have a 1st class facility, high safety standards, and a great team in place which makes them a great destination for entry level or experienced graduates out of our school looking for a long term sustainable career,” says Matt Richardson, Sales and Operations Manager at KRTS. “Our preferred partners all have made a big investment to the future of the industry by supplying equipment for the students to train on, and it is our responsibility to provide them with high quality individuals who have received the proper education and fit what each individual preferred partner is looking for in a new-hire. We are very thankful to have Linamar, Challenger and Ippolito as preferred partners.”

As part of the program, partner companies supply KRTS with trucks and trailers in which the students operate during their regular training. In Linamar’s case, along with a beautifully wrapped truck and trailer which is a joint marketing effort between them and KRTS, they have also supplied dunnage along with all the required securement equipment so KRTS students can get hands on cargo securement experience. Preferred partners have their companies heavily promoted with posters and brochures within the KRTS facility, and also have the opportunity to speak with all entry level students during their in-class training. Linamar viewed the preferred partner program as a great opportunity to invest in the future of the industry while growing their fleet.

Michelle Drew, Human Resource Manager at Linamar Transportation said, “Linamar Transportation is thrilled to be working with KRTS and we look forward to growing our fleet by hiring newly licensed drivers who have graduated from their program.”

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