The OTA-spearheaded efforts with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to allow for the use of smart lift-axles (SLA) on semi-trailers and double trailer configurations and for the use of longer tractors (up to 6.8 metre wheel-base) pulling multi-axle semi-trailers (SPIF designated configurations 2 thru 7) paid off this week after the MTO made permits available to carriers.

“We are very pleased with the release of the permits and glad our members interested in moving forward can do so in the short term,” said Geoff Wood Sr. Vice President, Policy, OTA.

The permit process is the first step toward moving forward on regulatory developments and expedites the opportunity for carriers to address these technologies in a shorter timeframe.

The new permit allowances meet all the requirements of MTO’s safe, productive and infrastructure friendly weights and dimensions regime (SPIF) and sets the stage for more flexibly spec’ing tractors that can accommodate modern sleeper-berths while meeting new emissions standards as well incorporating allowances for smart lift-axles on semi-trailers that reduces GHG.

Permits for the smart lift axles are trailer based ($440) while the longer-tractor permits are fleet based ($1000).  When moved into regulation the permit fees will no longer apply.

Carriers interested in the full details of each program and to apply for permits for Smart Lift Axles canclick here. Carriers interested in permits for longer tractors can click here.

“OTA will continue to work with MTO to move these two issues into regulation as soon as possible,” said Wood

OTA members interested in a plain language copy of the permit conditions and a jurisdictional scan of requirements for smart lift axles or longer tractors on multi-axle trailers can


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