Two exceptional former students were recently recognized for their hard work and commitment to their studies at Seneca College by being awarded the TST Overland Express International Transportation and Customs scholarships. Recent graduates of the two-year transportation-related program, Monica Chaguan and Priscilla Guimaraes each received the scholarship, for their outstanding academic accomplishments.

Wayne Gruszka, president of TST Overland Express is proud of this annual opportunity to recognize the academic achievements of students enrolled in transportation-related learning. “We are extremely pleased to be a part of the road to success for both of these young women, and welcome the opportunity to recognize hard-working students for their dedication to their studies”. Both students expressed appreciation for the financial boost to help cover tuition and other student-related costs.

Originally from Venezuela where she previously attended university, Monica has expressed a desire to attain various certificates related to freight-forwarding industry, such as those offered by CIFFA, in order to gain further knowledge and to improve her skills. She has also established a goal of attaining a Master’s degree in a related field. Currently employed with a freight forwarding company, Monica hopes to achieve a management position through which she can play an integral role in helping a company in its path to success.

Priscilla entered Seneca College already armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, which she earned in her native Brazil. International Transportation and Customs seemed to be a natural extension to her previous education and reflected her interest in international trade. Priscilla has also set her sights on obtaining a Master’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Ultimately, she would like to combine her legal background with her knowledge in international transportation to provide vital strategic thinking from different perspectives in a growing and competitive business.

The TST Overland Express International Transportation and Customs scholarships are awarded annually, and are funded by an endowment established by TST Overland Express, and is administered by the OTA Education Foundation.


The OTA Education Foundation is a charitable institution devoted to the furtherance of education for Ontario post-secondary students. Established in 1958, the Foundation was founded with the goal of providing assistance to Ontario students with links to the Ontario trucking industry, who have demonstrated a commitment to academic success, personal goals, and community service, regardless of their field of study.
Our Mission:

To enlighten and educate Ontario university and college students to the economic importance of a prosperous trucking industry, and to encourage them to consider career and job opportunities in trucking by providing recognition and financial assistance for post-secondary education for children of Ontario’s trucking industry.

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