Over the past few weeks, several collisions involving large vehicles have resulted in numerous fatalities. We all share Ontario’s roads and when a tragedy such as a loss of life occurs, we all suffer.

Our sympathies are extended to those families, friends, and colleagues who are now dealing with these terrible, personal losses.

According to the Ontario Provincial Police, there have been 25 fatal collisions involving large vehicles as of mid-June 2018, which is 25 per cent more than during the same period in 2017.At this time, the

Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA), along with the IHSA Transportation Advisory Council, ask that all drivers and employers in the sector be more vigilant—

  •  Reinforce safe driving habits – eliminate distractions, maintain a healthful diet, and get the right amount of sleep or rest.
  •  Pay attention – driving, whether for work or for pleasure, requires your full attention throughout the trip. Maintain a watchful eye on the road.
  •  Go beyond compliance – ensure vehicles are regularly inspected, free from defects, and maintain safe following or braking distances.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA’s) Operation Safe Driver Week will take place from July 15 to 21. During this inspection-focused initiative, inspectors will be looking for unsafe driving
behaviours from both commercial drivers and passenger-vehicle drivers.

While the summer months are a time of vacation for many, all drivers on the highway need to maintain attentiveness and awareness on Ontario’s roads.

As we at IHSA and the Transportation Advisory Council learn more about these fatalities and how they occurred, we will provide appropriate resources to assist companies and drivers in reducing or
eliminating safety hazards.

We thank those drivers who continue to be safe and careful on our roads and encourage all road users to do the same.

Enzo Garritano
President and CEO, IHSA
Mike Frolick (Management) and Len Poirier (Labour)
Transportation Advisory Council co-chairs
For more information on what IHSA is doing to promote safe driving, contact Michelle Roberts, IHSA
Project Director, Transportation at roadsafety@ihsa.ca or visit http://www.ihsa.ca/distracted-driving

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