If you are a school looking to join the TTSAO and have the advantage of promoting yourself as a TTSAO certified school, it’s not going to be as simple as in the past. In an effort to maintain the highest standard of training for its members, starting March 4th, 2019, any school who wants to be a member of TTSAO will need to participate in a new TTSAO Pre-Qualification Process.

The TTSAO Insurance Group has been working with the TTSAO Board of Directors to develop a comprehensive pre-qualification process prior to becoming a school member of the association.

No longer will a Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) Certificate be sufficient to become a full school member of TTSAO.

The TTSAO Insurance Group has Subject Matter Experts (SME) who have extensive background in Safety and Risk Management who will be performing the pre-qualification duties on behalf of the association. The on-site visit will be documented, and all recommendations will be forwarded to the TTSAO Board of Directors for consideration and approval. To ensure that schools continue to maintain best practices, a process is being put in place where existing school members will be visited for re-qualification on a random selection basis.

Lisa Arseneau, Chairperson of the TTSAO Insurance Group commented “This is a positive step for the trucking community. We have had support from both industry and government. The pre-qualification committee will be comprised of members of the TTSAO Insurance Group who are willing and available to participate in meetings, calls and education pertaining to all areas of the pre-qualification and the re-qualification process.”


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