American Trucking Associations announced LEAD ATA is accepting applications for the program’s seventh class. Trucking’s young and emerging executives are encouraged to apply for admittance to the industry’s leading development program.

“The LEAD ATA program is truly essential to trucking’s long-term sustainability as we equip emerging leaders with the skills and knowledge they can use to advocate for our industry,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “We’ve seen the previous six classes go on to leadership positions within their companies and industry groups, and many of those graduates cite LEAD ATA as a formative experience in their careers.”

Established in 2013 and sponsored by Trimble, LEAD ATA offers exclusive educational opportunities to up-and-coming trucking industry professionals to learn more about their association, while highlighting how the regulatory and legislative processes affect the trucking industry. Participants also graduate with an understanding of the important role ATA plays in influencing those processes. In addition to teaching advocacy skills, LEAD ATA trains its participants to use the many resources available to industry executives through ATA such as policy experts, industry-leading data, communications tools and networking opportunities.

“As a member of ATA who’s had multiple employees progress through the LEAD ATA program, I can attest to the fact that the program adds value to our company. As chairman of ATA, I’ve seen how our association influences legislative and regulatory policies, and LEAD ATA does a great job getting the next generation of leaders excited to participate in that process,” said ATA ChairmanBarry Pottle, president of Pottle’s Transportation. “LEAD ATA graduates go on to serve on policy committees and impact the direction of our industry while representing trucking’s important role in their hometowns and companies.”

“Trimble is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of LEAD ATA as this program’s mission aligns so closely with the values of Trimble Transportation,” said Alicia Jarosh, Vice President – Customer Experience. “Since the advent of LEAD ATA, Trimble has seen first-hand the powerful impact this emerging group of next-generation leaders has already made on our industry. When we focus on professional development, strategic ability and building deep relationships across transportation, our industry improves at a very foundational level.”

As part of the LEAD ATA curriculum, participants meet with ATA executives and trucking policy experts, have the opportunity to enhance their public speaking abilities through a professional workshop, gain valuable insight into how ATA works with legislators to create a more efficient and profitable environment for trucking, and see exactly how ATA and its members are improving the trucking industry’s image. LEAD ATAers also receive a first-hand look at ATA’s governance structure and how the member-led policy making process functions in real time. Each summer, the LEAD ATA class visits their elected officials on Capitol Hill to educate Members of Congress on critical trucking issues and highlight their companies’ critical role in the community.

LEAD ATA is a one-year program that includes four mandatory meetings and three optional meetings. Along with participating in the mandatory meetings, the LEAD ATA class undergoes leadership development training and receives exclusive opportunities to network with key trucking industry decision-makers. As part of their journey, these emerging trucking executives develop a vast network of industry peers and a thorough understanding of ATA and the industry it represents.

Visit the official LEAD ATA website to find out more about the program or to fill out an application form.

Completed applications should be submitted by June 3.

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