Challenger Motor Freight is proud to announce the opening of our MTCU (Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities) approved driving school, Challenger Transportation Training Academy (CTTA).  Challenger Transportation Training Academy is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Challenger Transportation Training Academy will run two Ministry-Approved courses that meet all of the requirements of Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) and prepare candidates for a successful career behind the wheel.

The CTTA is located within Challenger’s existing state of the art location based in Cambridge Ontario.  Our First-Class facility will provide students with the real life experiences of operating in a fully functional truck yard enabling them to spend time with industry experts, experienced trainers, and current drivers within the Challenger fleet. CTTA also offers modern and clean equipment and cutting-edge tools to ensure our students successfully transition into their driving career.

“Challenger is well known for its current driver development programs, including its industry leading finishing program taking newly licensed drivers and preparing them for a successful career.  With the ever shrinking driver pool, we believe that by building on our current strengths within driver development we can add additional capacity into the truck training space, and develop quality candidates for the market place, including Challenger” says Steve Newton Director of Safety.

Through a partnership with Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists Inc. (KRTS), KRTS played a large role in the successful opening of the Challenger Transportation Training Academy.

KRTS is a leading provider in Transportation training and through their extensive network and knowledge have aided Challenger through the approval process.

“KRTS is very excited to partner with Challenger on the successful launch of the Challenger Transportation Training Academy. They are one of the most respected fleets in the industry and have a great pedigree when it comes to driver training and safety. Not only will the Challenger fleet benefit from the formation of the Academy, but the industry as a whole will benefit because of the high quality of entry level drivers who will be graduating their programs and starting their career as a Professional Driver.” Matt Richardson, Sales and Operations Manager, KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc.

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