This Fall as students return to school, a group of ten will go with a new scholarship in hand. Hailing from across Ontario and Quebec, the students are all family members of employees from the Kriska Transportation Group’s eight operating companies. They have all received the inaugural KTG Scholarship.

The scholarship program was proposed this Spring by KTG CEO Mark Seymour as a way to help the children of employees develop their potential as students by helping offset the costs of post-secondary tuition and living expenses.

“KTG is committed to the long-term success of our employees and their families” said KTG CEO Mark Seymour, “I can’t think of a better way than to help with their education”.

Applicants were asked to write an essay on the impact that the transportation industry has had on their lives and how it can attract and retain young people. In the years to come, the transportation industry will need to recruit many young people as it’s workforce retires and as technology changes. The essays proposed ideas such as internship programs, a focus on technology and better promotion of the opportunities available.

“Thank you for your contribution to our daughter Taylor’s post secondary education.” remarked TransPro Operations Manager Corey LeBlanc, “It will certainly help ease her financial burden.”

This year’s recipients of the KTG Scholarship are:

Karli Browning, Harshdeep Dhaliwal, Lu Jiahang, Skye Kehl, Sara Lafferty, Taylor LeBlanc, Brooklyn Patrick, Marissa Schmitt, Sean Stilwell, Riley Vallom

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