Trucking HR Canada has released an interim labour market information report with the most up-to-date,and accurate workforce data currently available for the Canadian trucking and logistics industry. And Trucking HR is also urging CTA member carriers to participate in its national labour market information survey.

Trucking HR Canada has partnered with The Conference Board of Canada and have produced a preliminary, interim report highlighting current occupational representation, vacancy rates, workforce demographics and more.

“We are working to ensure the industry as a whole and employers have accurate, relevant and timely labour market information”, says Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada. Interim findings show a high vacancy rate, and overall employment growth combined with low unemployment and an upward surge in wages. “All compelling evidence the industry faces a driver shortage.”

In addition to this report, Trucking HR Canada continues to seek input from employers through a comprehensive, national labour market information survey.

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