Rand McNally launched the TND™ Tablet 85, an all-new dashboard tablet fueled by powerful new navigation software built for professional drivers. The tablet marks the company’s 6th generation of truck navigation devices – and a giant leap forward in routing technology.

At the heart of the device is the proprietary Rand Navigation 2.0 – the all-new navigation from Rand McNally that features technologically sophisticated truck routing, a modern, clean interface, crowdsourced reviews, and striking new visuals, such as three-dimensional cities and landmarks.

“Our team worked exceptionally hard to create the all-new Rand Navigation 2.0 software and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally.

Fletcher noted that the Rand McNally GIS, Design, and Engineering teams spent years developing advanced proprietary algorithms that strengthen the navigation experience in all ways.

“The new software greatly improves usability, truck routing, traffic avoidance, and access to advanced features like weather overlays,” he continued. “Combining Rand Navigation 2.0 with our new TND Tablet 85 provides professional drivers with the very best navigation experience Rand McNally has ever offered.”

To power the new navigation software, the TND™ Tablet 85 hardware includes a hexacore processor and a customized operating system. The result is incredibly fast functionality, silky-smooth graphics, and robust turn-by-turn directions available through the device’s speaker.

Beyond the cutting-edge truck navigation, the TND™ Tablet 85 also includes a variety of original and upgraded features:

Unique Dash Cam

A clever upgrade to the TND Tablet 85 is the directional dash cam with loop recording and an integrated G sensor. With the angled lens, drivers can situate the TND to face them, with the offset lens providing an optimal camera view straight out of the windshield.

Sophisticated Connected Services*

The TND Tablet 85 connects with live traffic, current fuel prices, weather conditions, and crowdsourced and rated POIs to provide updated business and navigational content. To assist drivers with making informed decisions regarding inclement weather down the road, real-time data for precipitation intensity, temperature, wind speed, and more are displayed as raster map overlays on top of the navigation map – even in 3D mode.

Enhanced Driver Tools

The product also includes driver support tools, such as mileage and fuel logs, the ability to create “bread crumb” routes and an at-a-glance trip computer. The device is ELD-ready with an on-board DriverConnect app – drivers just need to plug in an approved electronic logging device, pair, and go.

Stronger Mount

The TND Tablet 85 has an industry-tough magnetic mount that guides the device into place. The exceptionally strong magnet has been tested to ensure the device on the mount is able to withstand the bumps of a truck cab. With a twist, the device can be disengaged from the mount, providing a simple way to remove the TND Tablet 85.

Improved Hardware & Software

The tablet hardware has been improved with enhanced thermal resistance up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The IPS LCD screen displays clear, crisp visuals. Lastly, the next-generation TND Tablet 85 provides all the benefits of an Android tablet, with the ability to access email, news, and entertainment.*

To learn more about the TND Tablet 85, go to https://www.randmcnally.com/tndtablet85

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