The ELD file is one I have discussed, on behalf of the PMTC Membership, and many others in the industry, numerous times over the last 6 years, unfortunately it needs to be continually brought up until regulators take their head out of the sand and take a serious look at the dire state the industry is being put in by their unrealistic timelines. Their lack of meaningful dialogue or public acknowledgement of the issue with industry in addressing these concerns indicates the message has yet to sink in.

The Canadian ELD Regulation was posted in Canada Gazette Part 2 on June 12th of 2019, with a compliance date of June 12th of 2021 for all federally regulated carriers who are required to keep a logbook. In essence, this means any driver who operates a commercial motor vehicle under the NSC definition (any commercial vehicle over 4500kg’s), is federally regulated, and travels beyond a 160km radius, with few exceptions, will be required to have an ELD installed, active, and staff trained on its use, prior to June 12th of this year.

The ELD used by the fleet, to be considered a legal ELD, is required to be certified by an independent 3rd party and placed on Transport Canada’s certified device list. This means, as we sit currently, if your device is not populated on that list on June 12th of 2021, you will be considered in violation of the Federal ELD regulation, and will be subjected to possible fines, points being placed on your Provincial Safety Rating Profile, and possibly placed out of service.

The list of approved devices, which can be accessed here., currently has a grand total of zero devices listed, which is the crux of the problem, and one that Transport Canada has placed the industry and ELD suppliers in.

The PMTC is in full favour of the Canadian ELD Regulation, however as a result of serious delays in the certification process, and no ELD devices currently on the approved list, an enforcement deferral of a minimum 6 months is required to allow industry time to transition.

Many other associations have joined forces with the PMTC and have written Transport Canada asking for an enforcement deferral as a result of the lack of readiness, born out of TC’s own failures to meet appropriate deadlines. Their response to date, to be blunt, has been inadequate and bears no resemblance to the reality of the situation.

The PMTC, and a large section of the industry, need your help to bring more attention to the issue, and raise awareness at the federal level, to the real concerns many in this industry have over these timelines. If you want to make your concern heard, please click the link below to access a form letter to be sent to the Federal Transport Minister, and insert your company details, your name, and your contact info. The more voices that are heard, the harder it will become to ignored.

Please feel free to reach back to me as well at, or call 877-501-7682, ext 102, if you would like to discuss further.

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