RIM, one of the leading privately-owned freight forwarders headquartered in the U.S., announced today a new digital customer experience platform designed to provide clients with industry-leading shipment data and visibility. RIM is partnering with Logixboard, a leading provider of freight forwarding technology, to launch the new solution.

The new digital platform will provide RIM’s customers and internal operations team with 24/7 access to real-time shipment tracking, turn-key analytics, and centralized communication.

“At the end of the day, freight forwarding is a service industry where the primary responsibility of every provider is to get goods from A to B. Companies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves and make that a better, more reliable experience. One of our approaches to that is focusing on getting more accurate data and providing that data to our customers in a modern, easy, and always-available interface,” said Jason Steinke, EVP at RIM.

Steinke led an initiative to push RIM to the forefront of data, visibility, and transparency. Over the past two years, RIM has been investing heavily in building integration with key partners to make sure that there’s a centralized, standardized, and reliable data foundation.

“RIM had a record year of growth in 2020 and felt it could have been even better, knowing there was a handful of lost opportunities related to technology.  At the end of 2019, we began looking at what next-gen digitization was going to look like and those lost opportunities set the edge for where we needed to go.  We quickly realized that making data actionable and impactful for our customers was key. To accomplish this, RIM would need a best-in-class engagement platform for our customers and internal operations teams. Several different solutions were evaluated and Logixboard was ultimately chosen for their speed to launch, easy user-interface, and continued push towards innovation,” commented Steinke.

Logixboard provides a white-labeled engagement platform that gives freight forwarders and their customers best-in-class digital tools to track shipments, share documents, view analytics, send messages, and more. Integrating directly with the freight forwarder’s existing system-of-record, Logixboard takes the workflows and information that are typically shared via email, phone calls, and text messages, and packages it into a modern, user-friendly online platform.

If a customer has to call me to ask for updates or information, we aren’t servicing them properly. The goal of our new platform is to ensure our customers have instant and continuous access to see where specific items are, how many there are, and when they will ship or arrive. They also want to understand their trends and spend. This in turn allows them to plan and prepare better, communicate with internal and external parties more effectively, and hopefully increase their sales,” said Steinke.

“We love working with innovative and customer-obsessed freight forwarders. The investment RIM has made in collecting and standardizing data truly shows their commitment to supporting their customers with world-class service, and we’re excited to be able to play a role in that,” said Julian Alvarez, Co-Founder and CEO of Logixboard.

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