The TTSAO is pleased with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO)’s decision to extend the implementation timeline of the Class A Manual Transmission Restriction to July 19, 2021.

The Ministry’s initial announcement – sent out on April 15, 2021, with the proposed implementation date of May 17, 2021 – was a concern to the TTSAO and key industry stakeholders, due to the limited timeframe for truck training schools to adapt their training programs.

The extension to July 19 gives schools ample time to prepare their programs so that new drivers can receive proper training and pass a road test while operating a manual transmission.

Kim Richardson, President of the TTSAO, is appreciative that the Ministry of Transportation took the Association’s feedback into consideration and extended the implementation timeline. “The TTSAO is pleased that the Ministry understands the complications that the original timeline would have placed on the schools,” says Richardson. “Our roads need to be safe, our drivers need to be prepared, and our truck training schools need to ensure that their students know the rules of the road and mechanics of operating both a manual and automatic transmission. This extension gifts an opportunity and supports our mission for creating a safe work environment for professional drivers.”

The TTSAO thanks the MTO and their senior staff for their collaborative efforts and working together with the industry. Together – with the united support of the TTSAO Carrier Group and the TTSAO Insurance Group – the TTSAO will continue to improve road safety and raise the standards for entry-level and existing drivers. “Professional drivers are the backbone of every successful trucking company. Delivering quality education
does not cost, it pays,” says Richardson.

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