The Government of Canada has announced a new ArriveCAN feature which now allows exempt/essential workers, including truck drivers, the ability to save time by entering their information into ArriveCAN once and using the same ArriveCAN receipt for each entry.

To meet the mandatory ArriveCAN requirements introduced by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), truck drivers can create an exempt traveller profile, and submit their information prior to their entry into Canada.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has continued to work closely with the Government of Canada to increase uptake of the ArriveCAN app, by making the platform more user and operationally friendly for the industry. This new feature will also address the issue of drivers crossing the border multiple times a day, which was previously raised by CTA.

Truck drivers will only need to resubmit their ArriveCAN information if a border services officer determines that they are not travelling for exempt/essential travel, if their travel history changes, or if their trip is for non-essential/discretionary purposes.

These updates also allow truck drivers to submit their information at any time prior to crossing the border, as opposed to a 72-hour window, while also eliminating the requirement to enter information about the port arrival/entry, date, or time of arrival.

In order to assist companies in training their drivers to use the ArriveCAN app, CTA created a training package in both official languages which includes a tutorial video, infographic on how to use the app, and FAQ document.

Additional information about the recent changes, including information on how to use and download the app can be found here.

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