The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) is pleased to announce that Doug Graves is the honourable recipient of the TTSAO/Tenstreet Instructor of the Year Award.

Since 1970, Doug has been a professional driver with a completely clean driving record; 50 years on the road, and he’s never been in an accident. In 2014, Doug joined the team at Zavcor Trucking Limited as a professional driver, then
became a Commercial Truck Driving Instructor at Zavcor Training Academy in 2017. Like his driving record, Doug has been dedicated to his craft – educating students on proper driving practices, including the look ahead, look to the sides,
and look around (LLLC) approach where students learn to check their mirrors every 8 to 10 seconds to see what’s happening around them.

“I’ve seen a lot of bad drivers – not just cars, but trucks on the road,” says Doug. “My goal is to ensure that the next generation entering the field is safe – not only for themselves, to get home to their families, but for other road users.”
What sets Doug apart is his authentic personality and gift for storytelling, which allows him to connect and relate with his students.

“He’s a nice guy and great at building relationships,” says Bill Lipsit, Director of Zavcor Training Academy. “When it comes to classroom training, he’s the best. He has so many great stories to share about the industry, and the students
really learn from him. Doug is a good guy and this Award is a well-deserved achievement for him.”

Kim Richardson, President of the TTSAO, is honoured to present this year’s Award to Doug and celebrate his dedication to the industry.

“Congratulations to Doug Graves of Zavcor Training Academy as this year’s recipient of the prestigious TTSAO/Tenstreet Instructor of the Year Award. Doug is a great example of a professional instructor who takes great pride in
ensuring entry level and existing drivers learn from his many years of knowledge and experience. His dedication and devotion to Zavcor Training Academy and his commitment to safety and proper education in the trucking industry is
greatly appreciated.”

The TTSAO/Tenstreet Instructor of the Year Award is one of several awards that will be gifted at TTSAO’s 6th Annual Conference, taking place from July 26-27 in Brampton, ON. The Instructor of the Year Award is awarded to a
chosen nominee for their commitment to the transportation industry and symbolizes the TTSAO’s mission, striving for excellence in training, and shared goal – uniting members, stakeholders, associates, and professional drivers across
Ontario – to make our roads safer.

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