Smart Trucker Seminar-July 19, 2016-London Ontario


If you are a driver, student, supervisor, fleet manager, or other industry professional then The Smart Trucker Seminar will be a very important event for you. The Smart Trucker Seminar Series offers quality information on improving a driving career or fleet. There are presentations on careers, business, safety, and more. Included in the evening is […]

How Will You Be Remembered?-By Bruce Outridge

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It has been a long year already when it comes to losing close people in my life. I have had relatives, close friends, and trusted colleagues pass away this year and it leaves you thinking about your life and the future. My heart goes out to the family and friends that are left with the […]

The $200,000 Distraction by Bruce Outridge

Bruce Outridge

Distracted driving has been a problem for many years and certainly since the invention of the cell phone and other communication devices. In fact distracted driving has now become the largest factor in accidents today overtaking alcohol and speeding. How you use your electronic devices is up to you and certainly something that should be […]

Veteran driver educates drivers through podcasting

Lead Pedal Podcast photo

Before I begin I would like to thank The Rear View Mirror and their team for allowing me to write this article about my new podcast. It is important that positive messages about the industry keep appearing to help new people looking at the industry understand the benefits of entering the industry and how they […]

Canada’s Anti-spam Policy begins July 1, 2014-What You Need to Know!

Bruce Outridge

If you haven’t heard of the upcoming anti-spam policy coming into affect on July 1, 2014 then you may want to do some catch up in a hurry. The policy is being seen as the toughest legislation to come into affect and promises to bring in fines ranging from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 for noncompliance. This […]

It’s almost tax time, are you ready?

That time of year is among us again, tax time! It comes around every year and often is avoided by many. We all hate it and it brings out the procrastination aspect of most people. The reason for this is that most people are not organized and this time of year forces that out of […]

What’s Your 2014 Improvement?


Every year in January people get into a whole host of self-improvement ideas. You might be trying to lose weight, you might be trying to improve your finances, you might be trying to improve your relationships, and whatever it may be something that requires work and effort usually will be surfacing and comes to the […]

The End Starts at the Beginning!

Finding-The-Reason cartoon

“The end starts at the beginning” may sound like a funny statement to you but may be the best way to start that second career or start the process of moving forward. After all, if you don’t at least think about the end or where you may want to go then you may start off […]

Creating a Customer Profile

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How many deliveries do you think a professional driver makes in a year – One hundred, one thousand, and one million? It is hard to say, as many factors such as areas that the company operates in to dispatching efficiency and more can influence the picture greatly – Assuming that the average driver operating in […]

Are You Ready to Learn?

Emerging Artist, 2006

You know they say kids are like a sponge, they are ready to learn and take in the world around them as if it was brand new. The reason for that, there is less baggage because they don’t know enough about life to have any preconceived notions about the information they are taking in. They […]