Press Release-Revolution Staffing Acquires Driver Business of Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions


Revolution Staffing Acquires Driver Business of Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions aka Pivotal Driver Solutions. Pivotal to focus on core business offering solutions related to Light Industrial Temps, Permanent Recruiting, Outsourced HR and Payroll Management. Brampton, ON March 2, 2015: David MacDonald of Revolution Staffing and Alan Kouba of Pivotal came to terms recently for Revolution […]

Ruined By Dave McDonald


I can admit it I am a lousy employee, I am an entrepreneur. I have known it for a long time. Maybe it started when I was a 10 year old selling eggs to my mom’s ceramic students; maybe it was the years as a teen that I ran the family maple syrup farm. There […]

Dave McDonald-Profile


Dave McDonald – President Revolution Staffing a Driver Service with offices in Hamilton and Toronto, providing Local and Highway Drivers to Transportation Companies since 2005.  Revolution Staffing provides between 80 – 125 drivers across the Golden Horseshoe on a temporary, contract, or permanent basis.

Don’t treat me the way Rogers Does!! + Happy Driver = Happy Life = Epiphany

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I had an epiphany last week. – To be honest I had to look up how to spell it, but I knew I had one when I had it. As defined by, an Epiphany is “a sudden, intuitive perception of – or insight into the reality of – or essential meaning of something, usually […]

Tired…of trying to fit the mold-By Dave MacDonald

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Are you tired of trying to fit the mold?  I am! Honestly, I am not sure I have ever fit in, and I am okay with that, I hope you are, because I am not going to change who I am and how I act just to fit your nice little mold of what a […]

Drivers and Respect

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Why is it that one of the greatest complaints that we hear from Truck Drivers today is that like Rodney Dangerfield “They get no respect …no respect at all.”  The reality is that while we like to think that things are changing, I am not really sure that they are.  Drivers I talk to aren’t […]

In The Wages-Dave McDonald

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Its Labour Day weekend, and that makes me wonder do we really celebrate the “Labour Force’ that makes our companies and our industry so great.  Do we really appreciate the long hours and the stress that comes with hauling and delivering freight across our Country?  Do we really mean to say that we want to […]