Paid with Two-Fours By Mike McCarron

camping cartoon

It begins when school ends for summer holidays and continues until Labor Day. That’s when the ritual of loading the kids into the minivan and heading “up north” starts. “Up north” is a state of mind that has zero to do with the direction your car is travelling and everything to do with being a […]

Middle Man Mania-By Mike McCarron

Crystal Ball Cartoon

I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with freight brokers, and in fact have been in the middle myself. I figured I knew the business. But as I prepared to moderate two industry events recently, I learned that this old dog has a lot to learn. The first event took place last fall in our boardroom. I […]

Game Three: Advantage Buyer

man wrapped with caution tape

After months of gruelling negotiations, the LOI is finally signed. In a few short months you’ll be driving down Comfort Street. It’s time to head for the hills with the next of kin. Think again! I lived through the euphoria of thinking my business was sold after signing an LOI. However, I quickly realized that […]

Love Is Blind

Upside down cartoon

If you’re like most transportation executives, you spend an inordinate amount of time wondering how to grow your business. Taking things to the next level is something leaders like to think about. Organic growth is one tried and true strategy in our industry. But the sport of B2B sales has dramatically changed in the past decade. How […]

Time to Call Darcy Tucker

Fighting picture

By Mike McCarron When not buying freight brokers I’ve been known to hang around the odd hockey rink. In fact, I have always fancied myself as a bit of a connoisseur of our national pastime. However, I never understood why hockey players used agents to negotiate their contracts. It seemed like a lot of money […]

Full of Surprises By Mike McCarron

Surprise cartoon

Getting stung by one of the dreaded D’s—Divorce, Death, Disability, or Dick Partner—can be very painful. Any one of these unforeseen events can be the catalyst that forces you to sell your business. Even if you’re smart enough to plan for every eventuality, selling your business is going to be full of surprises. Here are […]

Good Companies Are Not Sold-By Mike McCarron

buy cartoon

You decided it’s time to get out of the rat race. It’s going to be a lot more fun chasing golf balls than truckloads. You figure that selling your company should be no different than selling your house. Hire an agent (investment banker), write a fancy-dancy presentation and create an auction to jack up the […]

Mike McCarron -Biography


Mike McCarron was one of the founding “M”s in MSM Transportation and currently works for Wheels Group in M&A. He is a finalist for the 2013 Kenneth R. Wilson Award for the Best Regularly Featured Department or Column in a Canadian B2B Publication. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter @AceMcC.

Trapped Inside By Mike McCarron

Mike McCarron

Imagine you’re at the Super Bowl with 110,000 other football fanatics. As you’re watching the game there’s a loud bang. Fire breaks out and the domed stadium suddenly fills with smoke. The crowd panics and makes a dash for the nearest exit. How are you going to make it out when everyone is rushing the […]