Without a doubt one of the all-time best books that I have read is Gung Ho by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. I have read this book many times! I love this book for a number of reasons. I have mentioned before that I believe I cheated myself in my formal education so I read books that will help make a difference in my life. This book also brings me back to my roots which are very important to me.
I have been raised in and proudly live with my family in Caledonia, Ontario. It is the same community as my dad was raised in as well as my grandpa. Caledonia is a terrific community with one of Ontario’s longest rivers (The Grand) running through it. We are neighbors’ with village of Ohsweken, located in the heart of The Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve. I am proudly involved with the Six Nations, both personally and professionally. How the two are related is because the book Gung Ho is a fable about Andy Longclaw, an aboriginal mastermind who helped save 1500 jobs. Today, Aboriginal North Americans are running banks and hospitals, designing computers, teaching in colleges and universities. They own operate thousands upon thousands of successful businesses.

It is refreshing to see a life and business book finally catch up with reality. This book is about “teams”, something I am a huge believer in. The book will show you in three easy steps how to release the energy and enthusiasm of your whole team and focus on success.

One of the best part of the books is learning about worthwhile work;

Knowing we make the world a better place. It is the understanding, not the work. It is how the work helps others, not units or volumes dealt with.

At the end it isn’t all about the result? Isn’t it about self-esteem? Self-esteem is an emotion that ranks right up there with love and hate.

If you are going to succeed you all better be working towards a shared goal. Goal sharing means buy in, not announcing. Trust of your team is critical. If I can’t trust you, I cannot work (or play) with you. Trust and putting team members first lead to support for goals.

Goals are really marker posts you drive into the future landscape between where you are and where you want to be. Goals focus attention productively.

I believe your values guide all of your plans, decisions and actions. At KRTS “our core value is people”. We keep it easy for our associates and clients to know how we make our decisions and actions. Goals are for the future. Values are now. Goals are set. Values are driven. Goals change. Values are rocks and you can count on them. Goals get people going. Values sustain the effort. Values become real only when you demonstrate them in the way you act and the way you insist others behave.

I really don’t like being called the boss-your company (and personal) values are the real boss. Makes sense, doesn’t it? So pick up Gung Ho, it will increase productivity, profits and your own prosperity.

On another note we’re really excited to be launching our Driver Recruiting Event for the transportation industry on JuneKRTS Recruiting poster 7th from 9 am – 12 noon at the Burlington Holiday Inn. We have a tremendous amount of interest and great companies are looking for great drivers! Our team has put together a terrific marketing plan to get the drivers out to this event. These types of events would not happen without great partners. Our good friends at TRIP insurance o/b Pearson Dunn Insurance and our event supporter Driverlink.com have stepped to the plate big time to help us make this event a success.

If you’re looking to hire drivers and your company would like to participate, please reach out to Christine, she is one of the many great people at KRTS who make us happen every day. She can be reached at cvanevery@krway.com or 800 771 8171 x204.

About the Author

Kim Richardson is a husband, proud dad, friend, loves Caledonia, and is involved in a couple of businesses, KRTS, Transrep, The Rear View Mirror. Currently the Chairman of the Board OTA Allied Trade Division. Executive Director, PTDI and TTSAO. Anyone who knows Kim knows he has been in the industry and transportation runs in his blood. Kim can be reached through his business websites at KRTS Inc, and Transrep Inc, Kim Richardson on Linkedln, krichardson@krway.com

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