Break out the running shoes and dust off your Fitbits – The final leg of the Healthy Fleet Challenge begins Friday, May 1st! The Healthy Fleet team is especially excited for this final challenge, as the weather will be better than ever for getting outside and logging steps. In March, a new record was set, with over 130,000,000 steps taken in total! That’s over 4,000,000 steps per day as an industry. Make sure you and your company don’t miss out when Healthy Fleet aims to beat that record in May!

The Healthy Fleet Challenge was developed to help fleets and allied trades create more awareness to the importance of becoming more active. Your daily steps are tracked each day with a FitBit device or by downloading the MOVES Application to iPhone or Android.  

Details of the challenge.

All fleets and allied trades in the trucking industry are invited to join and form a team for the next leg of the challenge that begins May 1st.  You can join with as little as 3 individuals or have up to 50 on your team.  “The more the merrier, as our goal is to help improve the overall health of as many O/O’s, Drivers and Staff in our industry as we can,” said Andrea Morley, Nutritionist and Health Coach at Healthy Trucker, “To date there are over 70 Fleets, Associations and Allied Trades that are already stepping it up!”
Sheldon Hayes, Manager Safety, Compliance and Recruiting at C.A.T. commented on the challenge, “We continually look for ways to promote healthy choices for our C.A.T. team members and were very excited to be able to participate in the Healthy Fleet Challenge. The response we had to our communication about the Challenge was tremendous, with a total of 29 people having “stepped” up within a week.” Hayes continued, “One of the many great things about the Challenge is how easy it is to join, by using either the Moves smartphone app or FitBit device, and how the website has helped bring our people together by having fun monitoring each other’s steps, and engaging in lots of good-natured competition for bragging rights.”

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The feedback to date has been amazing on how just walking a bit more is improving the overall health of staff and drivers.
“Healthy Trucker has been a positive influence on my life. Instead of getting breakfast sandwiches in the morning, I get a banana,” said Todd Stine, America’s Road Team Captain and truck driver for Carbon Express. He continued, “Small changes like this make a big difference over time. I used to nap during my half hour break. Now I walk. Fitbit has changed my life. The Healthy Fleet challenge just gives me added motivation.”
Want to sign up a team? All you need to do is send a copy of your logo to and we’ll send you directions on how to start forming your team. Still need a bit more motivation?   Check out some of the other videos on the other challenges that have already taken place Together we can help change the face of trucking…one step at a time!

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