I have not worked with the Commercial Trucking Industry for a full year as of yet so I know I am inexperienced in the processes of this

Paul Clement
Paul Clement

space. I have been surprised, however, with the number of instances where I have learned that various companies do not have either designated recruiters or a recruiting department. I am especially surprised that this is so common an occurrence in an industry that heavily relies on finding and retaining employees for the success of their business. From my own experience, how an employee is brought into a company can directly affect their loyalty and overall satisfaction with their placement. What I hope to accomplish with this article will be to point out a few of the many benefits to having recruitment professionals as part of your team and how they can actually help protect your company.
1) Recruiters help keep you compliant
Because Recruiters are focused on the onboarding of your drivers and ensuring that they are processed efficiently, they are a great first line of defense to make sure that driver’s files are complete and compliant and remain that way at a much faster rate. Their work will also minimize your risk and exposure to audits or compliance infractions.
2) Recruiters can add valuable layers of screening
When it comes to screening we often skip a few steps for the sake of speed and convenience. When we skip doing a background check, calling references or having multiple interviews is also when we run into trouble with an employee down the road. Recruiters have a sense for what questions need to be asked and can uphold a company standard when it comes to what is acceptable in an applicant. Once again they are the first line of defense of your company’s reputation.
3) Recruiters add valuable insight into current market conditions
Being on the front lines of the job market and speaking with candidates all day gives Recruiters the best insight into what the market might be like for employers and employees alike. Recruiters are a great source of knowledge about which marketing channels are working, what the average applicant expects from an employer and possibly even competitive insight. Having regular meetings with recruitment professionals can prove to be valuable given that it is often your company’s people that determine the strength of the brand and reputation.
What we try to accomplish at MEE is to empower these professionals and raise the standard of safety and efficiency for everyone in the industry. There are many other benefits to having full time recruitment staff as part of your team and those companies that currently have these professionals will be the first to sing their praises. If you are considering adding recruitment staff to your team, we encourage you to also ask the question, “What do I want my new employee’s first experience to be at my company” and that will help define not only the culture of your company but help outline what else can be done to increase employee retention.

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“Paul Clement began his career at ISB Canada in December of 2012. He has since brought creative solutions to the Product & Vendor Management position and oversees the research and development of new products and their associated strategy. A background in sales allows him to proactively take the lead when ensuring that strategy



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