Jan 8, 2016 – Hamilton, ON – The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) Board of Directors has announced the official launch of the TTSAO Carrier Group.

The mandate of the TTSAO Carrier Group is to support the TTSAO in all efforts that will improve education and recruitment and retention for entry level and existing Professional Drivers. The TTSAO Carrier Group will work with the TTSAO Board of Directors and its membered schools to increase awareness and education in reference to the educational needs of all carriers both for hire and private.

Geoff Topping, Director of Recruiting and Retention at Challenger Motor Freight is excited to be nominated and selected as the first Chairman of the TTSAO Carrier Group. Geoff commented, “I look forward to this opportunity to work with the TTSAO, the carriers and the partner organizations on this very important Industry Issue. The TTSAO schools and entry-level drivers are an important part of our recruiting plan at Challenger. Well-trained safe drivers are import to us as a company and critical to the success of the Industry. To have the Schools, Industry and Government all working in the same direction is critical. This is an exciting venture that we as a company are proud to be part of.”

Yvette Lagrois, President of the TTSAO says “This is the next step of many as our association continues to grow, expand, have purpose and meaning in the trucking industry. Mr. Topping is an excellent choice to lead and grow the TTSAO Carrier Group.”

The group will waste no time getting started immediately working with the TTSAO Board of Directors and its membership. The first official meeting will be held in Cambridge in February and the agenda will include; carriers recruiting & retention issues, update on process of mandatory entry level training for commercial drivers, joint efforts moving forward with carriers and TTSAO schools.

The Private Motor Truck Council (PMTC) sees great value and importance of the formation of the TTSAO Carrier Group. Mike Millian, President of the PMTC, also a TTSAO board member, ” The PMTC feels it is vital that the perspective of all carriers, both for hire and Private, are represented when it comes to the training standards that will be put in place. After all, the carriers are the end users. The New Carrier Group will ensure that carriers have this opportunity to be fully represented with in the TTSAO. Geoff is a great choice to lead this new group, and we look forward to working with him to enlist representatives from all segments of carriers in the industry” Mike also added, “Private Fleets that have an interest in being represented at this first meeting, should register to be part of the initial kick off meeting and ensure your voice is heard.”

Additionally, Topping commented, “The TTSAO Carrier Group is open to all carriers regardless of size or what you may haul and are invited to the first meeting. All you need to do is register and let us know that you will be attending.”

The first meeting will be Wednesday February 3, 2016 at Challenger Motor Freight in Cambridge from 9:30am to 11:00am. To register, call Sara Fitchett at 705-626-2529 or email your request to attend to

For more information about his Press Release:

Yvette Lagrois – President, TTSAO – TTSAO office – 1-866-475-9436 or OTTA office – 1-800-753-2284 or via email

Charlie Charalambous – Director of Public Relations, TTSAO – Northbridge Office – 1-800-265-7173 or cell (416) 473-3986 or by email at

Geoff Topping – Director of Recruiting & Retention, Challenger Motor Freight 519-653-9770 ext. 2624

Mike Millian – President, Private Motor Truck Council of Canada 905-827-0587


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