The Healthy Fleet Challenge may only be 7 days in, but there has already been 2,131 healthy meals eaten and 859 workouts completed, with more being posted every few minutes. So far, 472 people downloaded the app and signed up to participate in the challenge from 68 different trucking companies.

This challenge is even more fun and exciting this time around because all participants are using a new app called HealthyTeam to track their diet, exercise, sleep and weight. “Each week we want participants to share a minimum of 5 healthy meals and 3 workouts, but we are seeing participants averaging 3 healthy meals and one workout per day,” says Andrea Morley, Lead Coach for the HealthyTeam App. It’s been amazing to see the lifestyle changes participants are making with the support of the HeathyTeam community.”

The new app provides all participants with education and resources from HealthyTeam Coaches, while receiving motivation from coworkers and friends, keeping themselves accountable, and interacting on each other’s posts.

Check out this video to see the app in action:


The app is the new home of the Healthy Fleet Challenge, which runs from May 1st to June 30th. Participants set their own health goals and work towards them over the 60 days. New participants are welcome join at any time during the months of May and June. “There are no excuses. Just because you missed the May 1st start date doesn’t mean that you can’t still get involve,” says Andrea. “There is no time like the present to challenge yourself to get healthy.”

Later this week, a new leaderboard will available in the app that will show how each fleet ranks based on health. “Drivers and staff are asking what fleets are healthiest places to work in the trucking industry. Our ranking system will showcase the companies that care the most about the health of their people. We have found that companies that care about the health of their drivers and staff attract more of the top talent in the industry and have better retention,” says Aaron Lindsay, VP of Marketing at HealthyTeam. Here is a sneak peek at the leaderboard after week #1.

Healthy-Trucker-app-imageAfter the first week, the fleets that are ranking at the top in terms of health are Arnold Bros. Transport, Erb Group, Eassons Transport, Kurtz Trucking and Veriha. “Most of the top companies at the top already had wellness program and initiatives in place. The HealthyTeam App just gave them a mobile technology platform to bring everything together,” says Glenn Caldwell, VP of Sales at NAL Insurance. Other groups to watch are ATA America’s Road Team, who are an elite group of professionals who serve as trucking industry ambassadors and DriverCheck, a provider of workplace medical testing and assessments.

Michelle Bailey of Eassons Transport says, “This is our first time participating in the Healthy Fleet Challenge. Having the HealthyTeam app has been great as it allows employees from all of our offices and also our drivers out on the road to be easily connected and motivated by each other’s food and exercise posts. Seeing other employee’s posts also gives people ideas for recipes and better choices they can make on the road.”

Shannon Pilsworth of AllConnect says, “Being part of the Healthy Fleet Challenge is a great way to promote employee morale, team building and dedication to living a healthier lifestyle. The response has been overwhelming and the app has allowed for more interaction to help us keep focused and maintain our goals. Being able to see your team members’ progress in their food choices, recipes, exercises, etc. is extremely motivating. Our team has had tremendous results and I’m so proud of all the accomplishments. Since the January challenge, I myself have lost a total of 28 lbs and I am still going”

Want to join the fun? You can download the app for free by going to! If you have any questions or would like to learn more, email

Week 1 – Highlights
472 – participants
67 – trucking companies
2,131 – healthy meals posted
859 – workouts posted

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