More than ever, Canadian employers are faced with the challenge of trying to ensure the safety of the workplace, their employees, co-workers, the general public and the environment. Many questions and concerns loom for employers on a variety of topics including the pending legalization of cannabis for adult use scheduled for October 17 and no defined test for impairment, the significant growth of medicinal cannabis authorizations exceeding 300,000 patients, the opioid epidemic that has taken Canada by storm and mental health being the #1 cause of disability and the stigma associated with mental illness.

Given these ongoing challenges and the goal of being Canada’s fitness for duty experts, DriverCheck Inc. is ecstatic to announce the first annual Fitness for Duty Summit being held on Oct. 3 and 4 in Milton, ON. The objective is to provide valuable information and resources to employers so that they can put actionable items in place to achieve and ensure safety in the workplace.

What is Fitness for Duty?

Fitness for duty programs differ from company to company, but typically includes a type of medical examination(s) of a current employee/candidate to determine whether the employee/candidate is physically or psychologically able to perform the job. It is through these medical tests and assessments that an opinion is formed to determine if the employee/candidate may have a condition that could prevent them from performing the job’s essential functions, or inability to perform it safely.

Work safe for the moments that matter.

During this two day seminar, industry experts from a range of sectors will cover topics that impact safety sensitive occupations in the workplace, both physical and mental. Discussions and presentations will include cannabis (adult recreational use and medicinal), the opioid epidemic, occupational health, mental health and the power of focused thinking (mindfulness).

Fitness for Duty Summit

On day one, a focus will be on the impact of drugs in the workplace, including discussions on the pending legalization of cannabis in October and medicinal cannabis considerations, duty to accommodate and legal considerations.

Presenters will include:

Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler, Chief Medical Review Officer, DriverCheck

  • Medical perspective and considerations for cannabis and drugs in the workplace

Barbara Butler, Barbara Butler & Associates Management Consultants

  • Discussion on alcohol and drug policies including testing programs for all safety sensitive industries

Peter Bartz, Program Lead – Fitness for Duty, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

  • Present on fitness for duty programs and what this means in practice for the TTC

Jason Fleming, Vice President, Human Resources, MedReleaf

  • Duty to accommodate considerations when reviewing medicinal cannabis authorizations for safety sensitive and non-safety sensitive occupations

Connor Page, Business Development Manager, DriverCheck

  • What is impairment? Discussion on the current THC testing landscape and future developments

Day two will focus on one’s health, body and mind. In practice, there is room for improvement for everyone, and we will dig deeper in to both the physical and psychologic side when developing a fitness for duty program for the workplace.

Presenters will include:

Dr. Jonathan Davids, Corporate Medical Director, DriverCheck

  • Occupational health in the workplace and what to consider when developing programs

Dr. Iris Greenwald, Medical Review Officer, DriverCheck

  • Opioid epidemic in Canada and what employers need to know about prescription medications and illicit use, and potential impact on one’s ability to perform work safely

Paul Radkowski, CEO/Clinical Director, Life Recovery Program

  • Mental health is the #1 cause of disability in Canada health; leave with a greater awareness and understanding of mental health, addiction issues and what can be done about it

Trish Tutton is a speaker who specializes in mindfulness and stress management in the workplace

  • Learn about the default mode of our brain: distracted and unfocused; explore how to use mindfulness to focus better and improve productivity and safety

Space is limited, so tickets will be approved on a first come, first serve basis.

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The price of registration is $420 plus applicable taxes.

A detailed description of the agenda, speakers and day’s events will be released in the near future.

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