The PMTC and CPC Logistics Canada announced the recipient of The Rick Austin Memorial Dispatcher of the Year Award as part of the PMTC’s 2019 Annual Conference. This award was established in 2018 to honor the memory of one of CPC’s Fleet Dispatchers, Rick Austin, who passed away suddenly on March 15th of 2017.

Rick began his career in the Transportation Industry right out of high school, starting with a dry wall company loading, tarping and strapping trucks, and decided not long after that he would rather be behind the wheel. He eventually became an owner operator and at one time ran team loads to California with his cousin. Rick joined the John Deere Canadian Fleet on November 25, 1991 and quickly developed a reputation as a dependable driver with a great work ethic. Rick earned his Million Mile Award and started to train to provide relief dispatch, and then moved into the full-time dispatch role in 2000.

For a time, Rick dispatched all units in both Grimsby and Regina. As the fleet grew and it was discovered the kind of effort that Rick was dedicating to his role, the Dispatch office was expanded, and Rick received the CPC Logistics President’s Award in recognition of his exceptional loyalty, service and dedication.

Because of his years on the road, Rick fully understood the demands and strains on a long-haul driver, and became not just a Dispatcher, but a good friend and wise council to many drivers over the years. Rick understood that the job needed to be done, but also wanted the drivers running safe and legal at all times. Whether he had the time or not, he always took the time to communicate with the drivers and tried to make sure that they kept life in balance.

This award is designed to help recognize the exceptional and often under-appreciated efforts of Dispatchers who have made an outstanding contribution to their company over their career.

The 2019 Rick Austin Memorial Dispatcher of the year award goes to Tim Dreyer, Patene Building Supplies.

Information and Background for Tim Dreyer

Tim began his career with Patene building supplies in August of 2004, when he joined their Hamilton Branch as a boom operator. Tim came to Patene with many years of experience as a driver, hauling everything from modular homes, farm equipment and tankers throughout Canada.

Tim quickly showed great potential with his knowledge of Transportation regulations and his work ethic, and in 2006 he took over the position of Traffic Manager and Dispatch for the Hamilton Location.

In this role, Tim schedules his drivers, as well as outside carriers and cranes. His branch receives upwards of 30 truckloads of building materials a day, and also organizes transfers for all other 14 Patene Locations.

Tim was instrumental in Patene researching and setting up the fleet with elogs. His willingness to help others and extensive knowledge of the industry is beneficial to ensure Patene’s drivers and loads are safe. Tim is looked up by his drivers and other staff and will never require someone to do a task he will not do himself. His hands-on approach has made him appreciated and respected by his drivers, and he is often found in a truck himself when Patene is short for a day.

Tim holds monthly safety meetings with his staff to ensure open communication and that they are current on regulations and issues arising in the workplace.

As one of his drivers put it in a testimonial, “It is not often you can work for a supervisor that completely understands everything about your job. He listens to our concerns, understands them, and addresses them as best he can. He is a boss who will jump in a truck and do a load himself, or hop in with us and help out when we are short or need help”

Tim’s professionalism, dedication, work ethic and understanding of his drivers needs make him a truly deserving recipient of this award.

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