For over three decades KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc. and Chris Harris, Safety Dawg have been delivering in-house Driver Safety Meetings for their companies, corporate customers and their drivers during the American Thanksgiving. This year that will be tough to do with all the COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols the government has put in place.

Together, KRTS and Safety Dawg have come up with both a timely and affordable solution for companies and their drivers. Through Research and Development, they have determined that companies and insurers alike, both support and embrace the idea that ongoing and regular Driver Safety Meetings and education are important to the insurability of trucking companies for meeting compliance.

These Driver Safety Meetings will be held virtually twice over the American Thanksgiving weekend on November 27th and 28th allowing companies and drivers the flexibility to choose a date that works best for them.  The meetings will both run from 10 am – 12 noon EST.

Topics will include: Winter Driving and Speed and Space Management which is always timely before winter and appreciated by the drivers.  These topics are led by Chris Harris of Safety Dawg.  KRTS and Safety Dawg are thrilled to announce Kerri Wirachowsky, the Director of Roadside Inspection Program for the CVSA will educate the drivers on ‘How to Have an Exceptional Experience at the Weigh Scales’ followed by Pre and Post Trip Inspection expectations across North America.

Chris Harris states “Different times require a different way to deliver.  Truck driver training is an essential component of your fleet’s safety program.  The need for great, documented training has not gone away.  In fact, I believe that the need is even greater today because drivers have much more on their minds, distracting them from driving.”

Registration has been made very simple for drivers and companies and has been made very affordable.

1 Driver $49.99                10-19 Drivers $499.00                  20 and above $899.00

There will be a Certificate of Completion for those who attend.

Matt Richardson added, “During these unprecedented times we have to find new ways to ensure Professional Drivers are able to continue receiving ongoing education that helps keep the drivers, our roads, and the general public safe.  These virtual safety meetings provide an opportunity for companies to invest in their drivers while also helping to improve fleet safety and meet insurance requirements at the same time.”

For more information contact Kim Sytsma-Hill at KRTS at 800-771-8171

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