Bluewire LLC (, a cutting-edge AI Software as a Service (SaaS) company, launches today to provide motor carriers and their insurance partners with a scientific, data-driven methodology to protect against the vulnerabilities which lead to reputation-damaging false narratives.

Bluewire delivers an online subscription service analyzing the elements that compromise a company’s reputation. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence and text mining technologies, Bluewire’s White Hat Recommendation EngineTM monitors the safety systems, data silos, and insurance claims that exist throughout the trucking and related insurance industries. Identifying the attack vectors and resulting reputational exposure used by plaintiffs, Motor Carriers are then benchmarked against the industry using the Bluewire Reputational IndexTM, and recommendations are offered based on actionable data. Bluewire’s exceptional customer service also provides access to a network of leading-edge subject matter experts to assist in remedying any deficiencies.

“The reputation of the trucking industry is under assault,” Steve Bryan, Chief Executive Officer at Bluewire said. “Aggressive and sophisticated plaintiff firms who solicit injured clients, at times funding the action with private equity, seek enormous, emotion-driven jury verdicts in truck-involved crashes, and serve largely to enrich themselves and their investors.”

Doug Marcello, Chief Legal Officer at Bluewire agrees. “Reputational vulnerabilities are the fuel for both nuclear verdicts and the reptile theory. Moreover, they are the basis for claims of punitive damages whose purpose is to punish past conduct and deter it in the future. In short, reputational vulnerabilities are what create the jury anger that poses a trucking company’s greatest risk of punitive damages.”

Bluewire’s comprehensive product offering will protect the entire U.S. transportation industry, as well as the $45 billion insurance industry that serves them.

The Bluewire founders, Steve Bryan (CEO), Peter Rowe (CTO), Robert Boyich (COO), and Doug Marcello (CLO), have decades of experience parsing and analyzing trucking industry data, recruiting and managing drivers, and providing legal defense in crash-related claims. As active participants in the industry for more than 30 years, they have served on committees and boards, published industry press articles, and participated in hundreds of national conferences and industry trade shows. Built upon their strong industry presence and reputation, Bluewire’s executive team is poised to reduce risk and legal impact for the trucking and insurance industries. The Bluewire Board of Directors is comprised of a dream team of industry experts and thought leaders. Meet the entire team at

Founded in 2021, Bluewire, LLC is headquartered in Government Camp, OR. A first-of-its-kind subscription service, Bluewire is a cutting-edge AI Software as a Service (SaaS) company designed to provide motor carriers and their insurance partners with a scientific, data-driven methodology for protection against the vulnerabilities that lead to reputation damaging false narratives. For more information, visit

SOURCE Bluewire LLC – Press Contact Steve Bryan,

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