Interview with the Author of Driven to Drive

The Rear View Mirror Online Newspaper

The Rear View Mirror interviewed author Bruce Outridge asking why he created his second book “Driven to Drive” for the transportation industry? TRVM: Your book is for professional drivers in the transportation industry, but it also paints a picture of your career as a driver, why was it written this way? Bruce: When I put […]

Lindsay Lawyer Sings about Highway Angels

A great song by Lindsay Lawyer -Enjoy!

Truck & Heavy Equipment Training with KRTS Inc.


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Rear View Mirror: Then and Now

Kim Reading Rear View Mirror Paper

Years ago, I was at a TCA function presenting on a panel. There was a discussion about industry papers in North America. We are fortunate here in Canada to have a couple of top shelf publications and we have a good relationship with them. After the presentation a man came up to me and said […]