Good afternoon Kim I trust you enjoyed a relaxing Christmas and New Year’s break and are looking forward to a healthy and productive year in 2014. Personally my family and I experienced quite a different Christmas as we lost power to our home for 6 days due to the ice storm in southern Ontario. Snow trees

The ice storm was a powerful reminder that we live in community with others and our reliance on each other is crucial. We live in the country amidst many trees and had substantial damage to our property – although, thankfully, no trees hit the house. No sooner had the power failed and we had friends and neighbours helping us with generators, chainsaws and expert knowledge of plumbing and electricity. Other friends opened their homes for us to stay and be very well fed. The hydro teams did heroic work amidst difficult and dangerous conditions. In the end, relationships were strengthened and new friends made. To sum it up: a blessing in disguise.

As I reflected on our challenge over the six days, I realized it was our “network” of friends and neighbours that proved invaluable. Without the multiple offers of assistance things would’ve been much more difficult.  At Reimer Associates it’s our business network that has proven to be so important as we assist both candidates and clients with supply chain and transportation recruiting. It’s many years of research and relationship building among our seven associates that allow us to deliver help when the need arises. As 2014 begins we look forward to using our network to assist you.


Ross Reimer
Reimer Associates Inc.

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