The ATA (American Trucking Associations) will be partnering with Healthy Trucker and Truck News in the next Healthy Fleet Challenge ( that will begin January 1, 2015. This time the challenge will run for 5 months with a month break in between each leg of the competition.

Healthy Fleet Challenge Competition 1 – January 1 to January 31
Healthy Fleet Challenge Competition 2 – March 1 to March 31
Healthy Fleet Challenge Competition 3  May 1 to May 30

Carriers, Associations and Allied trades can form a team of 5 or more members by sending their logo and contact information to The challenge is free to all companies in the trucking industry either side of the border. The team that records the largest average step count over the 3 months of competition will be crowned the 2015 Healthiest Fleet Champions (bragging rights). To spice up the competition for 2015, we will also be tracking the average steps for Canada Carriers and USA Carriers. We want to determine whose country’s Trucking Industry is more active. Team Canada will battle it out against Team USA for the Gold over the course of the 3 months (also for bragging rights).  “Each of the previous challenges only lasted a month each” reported, Glenn Caldwell, Vice President of Corporate Development at Healthy Trucker. “Our first challenge was in July 2013 and we set a goal to walk around the world as an industry (25,000 miles) which we completed in only 23 days. Our second challenge was during the month of for Driver Appreciation and we walked more than 30,000 miles.” With the support of the ATA, we will be taking this challenge even further this time.glenn caldwell rearview mirror
“Walking is a critically important step towards a healthier lifestyle and something everyone can participate in,” added Lou Smyrlis, publisher and editorial director of Transportation Media. “We are all very proud to be part of this initiative and we’re looking forward to having a great deal of fun over the 5 month challenge.” Once again, FitBit devices (wearable technology) will be used to measure the steps of each team member to see who can post the most steps to the leaderboard. Individuals that do not own a can also participate by downloading the MOVES application (for free) turning their iPhone or Android phone into a pedometer. It’s no secret that our industry struggles with maintaining good – The hectic schedules and sedentary lifestyles that many of our drivers live make it much more difficult for them to maintain good health. Numerous studies show that if we (include many of us in the office) sit for long periods of time that we have the same risk of heart attack and stroke as someone that smokes. “Sitting Disease” as Cardiologists are now calling it, can be reduced and possibly even eliminated if we make a conscious effort to just get up and walk more.
We really have no choice. Becoming more active has to be the central focus of fleets if they want to help get their drivers heathier. Most of us know that we should be more active and very few fleets have the luxury of putting in a gym or have a Personal Trainer work with their drivers. ATA’s involvement and support came after a successful challenge took place between the ATA Leadership and America’s Road Team at MC&E in San Diego this October.  When asked about the value of the challenge, Governor Bill Graves, President and CEO of the ATA replied “You could tell that the challenge was very well received. I think the challenge underscored the importance that we all know in our lives we need to stay active, we need to keep moving and try to work towards being as fit and healthy we can be” Grave’s continued. Elisabeth Barna, Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, ATA “This past challenge was a huge success and we wanted to keep the momentum going with a follow up competition that will include many of our State Associations, America’s Road Team Captains and ATA Leadership”.  Barna went on to say that “We loved the idea of having a friendly competition with our friends from the North. It made perfect sense for the ATA to join forces with Healthy Trucker in the next Healthy Fleet Challenge.”
To find out more about the Healthy Fleet Challenge visit their website at or contact them at 1-855-422-8333.

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Glenn Caldwell is the Vice-President of Sales for NAL Insurance Inc. of London ON. For over 25 years, Glenn has worked closely with many fleets across the country to ensure their Owner/Operators have the protection they need to Keep Rollin’.
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