The American Trucking Association, Truck News and Healthy Trucker are pleased to announce that the next Healthy Fleet Challenge will begin September 1st and they are challenging all transportation related companies to sign up and start forming your team.
The Healthy Fleet Challenge allows fleets and allied trades to compete (for bragging rights) based on the number of steps they take. “It’s not just drivers that have a sedentary job, many of us in the office sit for long periods of time too”, suggests Melodie Champion one of the lead ‎Nutritionists/Health Coaches at Healthy Fleet, “It is possible to have fun and get healthy at work and on the road; Healthy Fleet proves this by bringing these two worlds together in a fun and exciting way.”
To sign up for the challenge individuals need to either purchase a FitBit or Withings device (wearable technology) or download (for free) the MOVES, FitBit or Withings application turning your iPhone or Android into a pedometer. These devices will track your daily activity and automatically send it to the on-line leaderboard. displays a real time leaderboard that ranks each company by the number of steps that team members take. It’s a great opportunity to showcase companies that care about the health and well-being of their O/O’s and employees. Each team will also get their very own leaderboard that will show a real time step count for each employee and driver that is participating. The company team leaderboard is a great way to create an internal company step challenge around steps, miles or calories burned.
Unlike previous challenges where we took a break after 1 month, the next challenge will carry on for 3 full months with no breaks in Healthy Trucker Imagebetween. In addition, Truck News and the ATA will be opening up the challenge to individuals and inviting all readers or members that don’t have a team to join under the ATA or Truck News Team.
The challenge website has also received a bit of facelift and has some additional feature exclusively available to companies that subscribe to the Healthy Fleet wellness solution.
“We wanted to offer some additional perks to our members” reports Aaron Lindsay, Vice-President, Marketing at Healthy Fleet” to thank them for their support. Healthy Fleet subscribers can now set up internal challenges between branches or departments. Drivers can compete against management, or in cases where a company has a branch in the East, they can take on their counterparts in West.” In addition, we have also added a new profile page to highlight the company’s logo.
All Healthy Fleet teams will also have the ability to set personal wellness goals. A new progress bar will help track how close an individual is to their goal.

The feedback from previous challenges has been incredible:
“The Healthy Fleet Challenge provided an opportunity for internal competition within peers groups at SLH Transport but also worked to unite the team to compete against other carriers in Canada and the United States,” reports Ken Cross, Senior Manager, Human Resources Business Partner at SLH Transport Inc. “It was well received, created discussion within the company and we look forward to continuing the challenge in the fall”
SLH wasn’t the only fleet that praised the benefits of the challenge.
“Canada Cartage first offered this program to our employees in 2014 as a way of encouraging a healthy lifestyle.” Said Barb Eddy, Senior Director, Human Resources Eastern Canada “Since then, we’ve heard many stories of employees who have positively changed their lives through exercise. This program has certainly contributed to their success.”
Still not convinced? Check out more of the great feedback from past challenges at
Once you have a device or application you have two options to join the challenge:

  1. Individuals can sign up by joining the Truck News or ATA team
  2. Companies can sign up by sending us a jpeg of your logo to

Walking is an easy activity that almost everyone at every fitness level can participate in. It’s also one of the best ways to start getting into shape. By setting and reaching individual step goals each day, participants are able to improve their health while also contributing to the team’s success, which is a win-win for both employees and employers.
To learn more and set up a team, please visit or call 1-855-569-2514.

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