Hello Constant Reader and welcome to my first contribution of 2016. And what a year of Firsts 2016 is already shaping up to be. This is my First year with my new brokerage. I have joined H.L. Staebler Insurance in Kitchener and couldn’t be more excited! It’s the First time in sixteen years that I am working in a large environment with a company. I have been in much smaller settings in the past, so this First is really something! I am enjoying the camaraderie, the palatable energy at all times, and the opportunity to sound out things to peers that really get what we do! This is not to say that I didn’t have some of those things in my previous life, but this is the First time I have all things at the same time.
Another great First for me this year will be the TTSAO First Annual Conference. I am a proud member of this association and am very much looking forward to the line up of speakers and the networking to be done.


Okay, so networking certainly is far from a First for me, but it will be the First time at this conference. I can’t wait for February 23rd and 24th, when colleagues and peers will be assembled to discuss such important issues such as Mandatory Entry Level Training, Recruiting and Retention Practices and so much more! I would highly recommend this as a “must attend” this year.
I was also recently at the First TTSAO Carrier Group meeting this past week. What an intense rush to be in a room full of carriers and training schools that share, so passionately, the want and need to build a better driver. So many great conversations were had, and an amazing amount of sharing of ideas and opinions. Geoff Topping, of Challenger Motor Freight, is going to be a great Chairman for this group. I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things these guys do.
Our industry is, I feel, burgeoning on what could be a fantastic change. I have watched and participated in several changes that have been made in our industry. From the insurance side, the tightening of eligibility rules while recognizing training was probably the biggest one in recent years. Most Insurers also recognize the Tractor Trailer Commercial Driver Apprenticeship program under that topic as well. All of these things push us forward to making our roads safer, our drivers more compliant and our industry more respected.

I’ve got a real good feeling about 2016. I’ve got a real good feeling about my Firsts so far, and many more to happen. I hope to see you at some of the great industry functions we have and hope to get to meet more people for the First time!

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Lisa Arseneau is as passionate today as she was the first day she started and has been in the insurance industry since 1997. She is in her nineteenth year as an insurance broker for the transportation industry with H L Staebler Insurance Brokers.

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