The next Healthy Fleet Challenge begins May 1st and is set up to break during June and August, to allow participants to take a rest. We see some incredible levels of commitment, and we have found that running a Healthy Trucker3-month continuous challenge can be exhausting for participants.” Said Glenn Caldwell, Vice President of Sales at Healthy Trucker (a division of NAL Insurance. “Allowing people to recharge means they will be able to bring their A-game throughout the entire challenge, rather than burning out halfway through

Challenge Dates

· Healthy Fleet Challenge Part 1: May 1st to May 31st

· Healthy Fleet Challenge Part 2: July 1st to July 31st

· Healthy Fleet Challenge Part 3: September 1st-September 30th

We continue to hear tremendous stories from companies that have participated in previous challenges.

Rob O’Reilly, President of TST Overland Express told Sonia Straface at Truck News “I started talking to my executive group at TST Overland Express , and we thought this could be a really good thing for us to get involved in. We thought it could be really fun and we knew we already had a really competitive group, and quite honestly, we had some people who were in better shape,” he said. “So then we decided to get the TST Solutions LP group started in January 2015 with the Healthy Fleet Challenge.”

The TST Solutions LP group saw great success last year, winning the most recent Healthy Fleet Challenge by a landslide in December 2015 and placing second in the year’s first challenge, which ran from January-May 2015. In addition, two of its nine members, Reg Peters and Paul Bomben combined lost 75 lbs during the first Healthy Fleet Challenge of 2015.

“The success of the small TST group participating in the walking challenge really turned the heads of the senior staff at TST and they wanted to get the whole company involved.” O’Reilly continued. “Because for a company to be successful and healthy, you have to have good, healthy employees and good, healthy customers,” explained O’Reilly.

Today, TST has over 100 participants on their team and the company has since rolled out a brand new wellness program early this year designed to help its employees get more active, eat better and quit smoking. See complete story for details

So what about you? Is your company ready to take the next step to getting fit?

The Healthy Fleet Challenge is proud to announce Truck News as the official media partner for the challenge. Truck News will be your #1 destination for all of the updates, videos, and results!

Healthy Fleet is also working with American Trucking Associations for the event. “ATA is dedicated to promoting health in the trucking industry and our work with Healthy Fleet is evidence of that commitment,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “We are working together to encourage drivers and all industry professionals to form healthier eating habits, get more exercise, and be proactive about mental health concerns.” The ATA is inviting all members to form a team or individuals can also join under their team as well.

Over the past few months, the team at Healthy Fleet has been busy working on new features that allow participants to further customize their experience and interact with each other more. Participants will be able to track other forms of exercise in a subsection of the leaderboard. Andrea Morley, Nutritionist and Health Coach at Healthy Trucker explained, “While walking is one of the most universal and convenient forms of exercise, there are countless ways to get an incredible workout without taking a lot of steps. This can include cycling, weight lifting, and swimming, to name a few. Until now participants could only show their steps, and if they were mostly doing other forms of exercise, it would appear on the leaderboard as though they were inactive. This will give a better representation of people’s true activity, and promote of all forms of exercise for a well-rounded fitness routine.”

Additionally, participants can now privately input and track health data (weight, blood pressure, etc.), add friends, participate in group discussions, and enhance the look of their profile with cover photos.

As always, participants will track their steps using wearable technology (Fitbit, Garmin, Withings) or by turning their smartphone into a pedometer using an app (Moves). The steps are automatically pulled to the online leaderboard.

Still not sure if the challenge is for your company? Check out more of the testimonials from other participants as well as some of the videos from previous challenges

You only need 3 to start forming your team and signing up is FREE and easy! Simply send a high resolution copy of your company’s logo The staff will set your team up and send you everything you need to know on signing up participants, tracking steps, and encouraging participation in your company
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