#WheresClare Clare has arrived! The Women In Trucking Association is excited to announce the arrival of Clare, the truck driver doll. The plush doll was created and produced by HABA USA for the Women In Trucking Association, Inc. (WIT).

Clare stands 13” tall and features an official Women in Trucking cap atop a wind-blown blond head of hair. This driven young lady also comes with an “I Heart Trucking” tee, red collar shirt, jeans, and boots. Her package shares the story of her journey into the driver’s seat of her very own 18-wheeler by attending the National Transportation Center in Indianapolis, IN.

The doll is the brainchild of Ellen Voie, founder and CEO of Women In Trucking, a nonprofit group that encourages the employment of women in the trucking industry. The release of this somewhat non-traditional new toy couldn’t be more in line with the current political climate of female empowerment.

“The launch of this doll is a long-time dream come true for me,” says Voie. “The world is wide open for girls today and I’m thrilled to be providing a toy that tells them that whatever they want to be is just great – whether that’s a teacher or an ad exec or a professional driver.”

This spunky trekker will also star in this summer’s “I HEART Trucking” Photo Contest, themed “Clare’s First Road Trip!”. Professional drivers across the country will be submitting photos from the road, featuring Clare, and the winners will be recognized at WIT’s Accelerate! Conference & Expo November 12-14 in Dallas, Texas and be featured in Redefining the Road, WIT’s official magazine.

Parents and gift givers can purchase the doll on http://www.Amazon.com and at http://www.HABAUSA.com. Clare will soon be available at TA/Petro Stopping Centers across the country.  

Follow along with Clare’s adventures by searching the hashtag #WheresClare on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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