UPS Canada (NYSE: UPS) launched its annual Wishes Delivered campaign, a global initiative spreading goodwill and inspiration by delivering special wishes to individuals who are positively impacting their communities. This year, UPS Canada collaborated with Wounded Warriors Canada (WWC), a charity for military veterans, by supporting them in providing services to help improve the lives of injured veterans and their families. To watch the full story, visit

The wish begins with Sergeant Matthew Bradley, a health and safety supervisor at UPS Canada and a veteran. Having served in the Canadian Forces since 1998, Bradley has listened to challenges veterans face when they leave the military and, after joining UPS in 2004, he advocated to support this community.

“I served with soldiers who were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and eventually medically released from the army,” says Bradley. “I started the Veterans Business Resource Group (BRG) at UPS Canada with the hope to help veterans achieve employment with companies like UPS, and to provide resources and recognition to those who have served.”

To assist Bradley in helping his fellow veterans, UPS Canada worked with WWC and National Service Dogs (NSD) to identify Sean, a veteran in their PTSD Service Dog Program. Following a rigorous training program, a NSD named Neville was introduced to Sean and an immediate bond was established. Both Sean and Nevillehave since been inducted as honorary members of the UPS Veterans BRG.

“For UPS and the Veterans BRG to join forces with Wounded Warriors Canada and give back in some way, it means the world to me,” says Bradley. “Being able to connect with Sean and listen to his story – that truly is a wish delivered.”

To cover some of the costs of owning Neville, UPS delivered food and toys to his new home. UPS also donated $5,000 to help fund training for the next WWC service dog.

“Certified Service Dogs, like Neville, ground their partners in reality and help them to reconnect with their families and reengage in activities of daily life, such as going to a movie with their kids, that most of us take for granted,” says Danielle Forbes, executive director at National Service Dogs. “With their dogs by their side, veterans are empowered to live their lives to the fullest.”

“As shown with Neville, we continue to witness the transformational impact of our PTSD Service Dog program. When a veteran is struggling, it doesn’t matter where, when or how their injury occurred. What matters is that they know that we, as a country, are in this together, working to ensure they receive the help they deserve,” says Scott Maxwell, executive director at Wounded Warriors Canada. “We thank Sergeant Bradley and the entire UPS team for all they’re doing to help veterans. It is an honour to have the support of such an outstanding company.”

Wishes Delivered is a global initiative that spreads goodwill and inspiration by delivering a few very special wishes to individuals in the communities we serve. This year marks the fourth Wishes Delivered campaign for UPS Canada.

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