Impirica, a leader in performance-based impairment testing, is proud to announce KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc. (KRTS), a premier transportation and construction training school as our first Ontario-based trucking school to offer our flagship product, ExceleRATE.

KRTS will use ExceleRATE, which includes the in-office Vitals-Mobile, on-road CORE and Trip Inspection assessments, is a proactive driver risk evaluation validated to answer the question of driver fitness-for-duty.

“We are proud to have KRTS support the ExceleRATE program” said P-J Barclay, CEO of Impirica.

KRTS positions us to be able to offer ExceleRATE assessments to more organizations which supports our mission of creating safer roads, as well as provides insight into driver risk for decision makers.”

Matt Richardson, Vice President of KRTS, expressed his excitement for working with Impirica, stating: “We are excited to be the first transportation training school in Ontario to utilize the ExceleRATE program. ExceleRATE will provide valuable insights into a driver’s fitness based on their cognitive and functional abilities to drive. We are committed to a high level of training and evaluations, and working with Impirica provides us with another tool to support our team to continue to achieve these goals.”
To learn more about KRTS, the ExceleRATE program and other services, please contact at Matt Richardson at
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