Kelly Henderson

Executive Director

Kelly Henderson, Executive Director for the Trucking Human Resource Sector Council Atlantic has been in the Trucking Industry for over 24 years. Having started her career in the Trucking Industry at a leading private career college for the trucking industry in Atlantic Canada, it was a natural progression to move to the Council in 2004. Her work has focused in a variety of areas, not limited to, recruitment and retention, training standards, certifications and building human resource capacity in the trucking industry. Over the years she has received many industry awards and recognitions for her contributions to industry. Most recently was recognized as Woman of the Year in Transportation for her dedication to excellence in the trucking industry. Continuous learning is one of Kelly’s top priorities. “The trucking industry has been very good to me – the best part of what I do is that every day is different – I experience new challenges and new opportunities regularly with ongoing opportunity to learn and grow.”

Articles by Kelly Henderson