Being recognized by Todd the TSA agent by Ellen Voie


The reports about airline incidents have been numerous lately and don’t seem to be stopping. Maneuvering through a busy airport, like Atlanta or Chicago, is not fun. In fact, it’s frustrating and challenging, even for frequent flyers who know what to expect. As President of the Women In Trucking Association, I spend a lot of […]

JumpStart Auto Repair, a Garage for Good by Ellen Voie


While the trucking industry seeks more women to fill the roles of driver, technician and leader, the automotive industry has some of the same challenges. It’s still not common to see female mechanics working on your car. Even less common is a shop run by women for women. That’s the goal of JumpStart Auto Repair […]

A Decade of Steering Toward Diversity by Ellen Voie


In 2007 a group of influential, successful women met in Las Vegas to create a mission statement for a new organization called “Women In Trucking (WIT).” These women knew what it was like to be outnumbered at every industry event where they would search the room for another female to make a connection. Their goal […]

WIT Image Team Member Donates Kidney


Plover, WI (March 1, 2017)— Women In Trucking Association (WIT) announces Carol Nixon as its March Member of the Month. Carol is a WIT Image Team member and professional driver for Walmart Private Fleet. Carol is being recognized for giving a kidney to a total stranger. Carol and a fellow Walmart driver, Deb Pollard both […]

You can influence the regulations that affect you!


If you listen to professional drivers in a truck stop or on a social media site, it won’t be long before they start complaining about one or more of the regulations affecting them on a daily basis. From electronic logging devices to hours of service and drug testing clearinghouses, drivers are impacted by the rules […]

Are you a risk taker? by Ellen Voie


Imagine you wake up at 3 am. to a fire alarm in your hotel room on the 15th floor. The announcement from the loudspeaker instructs everyone to exit the building immediately, without using the elevator. What do you do? This recently happened to me, and after trudging down the flights of stairs and being guided […]

Never drive alone by Ellen Voie

Women in Trucking Logo

The trucking industry is a close-knit community, especially for professional drivers. However, sometimes a familiar face may be hard to find when you’re out on the road. Now you can know where your friends are through the new Women In Trucking (WIT) app by Trucker Sam. Currently available in Android version (IOS coming soon!), this […]

Does your recruiting ad attract women? by Ellen Voie


What makes a word relate better to a male or a female? According to Kat Matfield, who created a gender decoder for job ads (, “we all use language that is subtly “gender-coded” and this affects job advertising as well. Matfield based her web-based tool on a study by professors from the University of Waterloo […]

Who do you trust? By Ellen Voie

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Recently I was traveling along an interstate within a construction area and realized I was merely inches from the driver pulling a set of doubles next to me. As I watched those huge tires alongside my convertible, I recalled an elementary school class about trust. Our teacher asked us to define the word trust and […]

How (NOT) to hire women by Ellen Voie

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An excerpt from a 1943 transportation magazine has circulated through out the industry. It has been verified as a true reprint by Snopes, which claims that the author is L.H. Sanders, who wrote the article for Mass Transportation Magazine’s July issue. The intent was to assist (male) managers in choosing the right women to work […]