Welcome to your new driver recruiting hiring tool. TransClick is affordable, will save you time and money and the process will allow you to not turn potential drivers away but instead will supply you with the information to hire them, then help them in the areas they need help.

TransClick has many great features, including the following:tranclick logo

TransClick is available online

takes 15-20 minutes to complete

is available in many different languages

reports are delivered within one hour

will help improve drivers safety

most importantly is used for the hiring of new and safer drivers.

Do you know what drivers have higher risk personalities? Five key areas are measured. Grade your potential and existing drivers to find out if they are irritable, distractible, anxious, rule-resistant or risk taking. There are two reports that are included. One is for self-coaching and one is for the employer. At TransClick we believe personalities do not change but actions and behaviours can change through self-awareness coaching and training. The SafeSELF Action Plan creates an action plan including action steps which will help improve personal safety and the safety of others.

The Employers Report is for the employer’s reference to help become more aware of the person’s safety risk factors behind the wheel. The report provides safety risk results and provides training/coaching tips and interview questions tailored to the person’s unique risk profile. There is an entire section that will help management with coaching tips and during the interview process questions are supplied based on the results of the test.

I truly believe that we need to look at ways to improve our hiring process. We as an industry have to deliver services that people are looking for if we are going to hire the brightest and the best. In order to compete with every other industry who want the same thing we had better start look at processes that excite the potential candidates and show them we’re in the game.

We all know the cost to hire, educate and orientate drivers is very expensive and time consuming. TransClick has a proven track record of being champions with behavourial assessment tools and their mission is to impact positive workplace decisions for all job types in all industries and regions around the world. My partner at Transrep, Ray Haight, has been in the trucking industry for years and has run successful trucking companies so he understand the importance of an effective hiring process.  With our expertise in trucking we believe we have created a new way for our industry to be better. Anyone who has worked with Transrep knows we are driven towards excellence. By partnering with TransClick the drive towards excellence continues! Give us a call to learn more and I would be happy to supply you with a free trial!

About the Author

Kim Richardson is the Chairman of the Allied Trade Division for the Ontario Trucking Association. He is a loving husband, proud father and grandfather, and friend or acquaintance to many in and out of the trucking industry. He loves and lives in Caledonia and is involved in a few businesses; KRTS, The Rear View Mirror and TransRep. For more information, contact Kim at krichardson@krway.com or 1-800-771-8171 x 201.

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