When you are in business for close to three decades you learn many lessons. You make some good decisions and some bad decisions and you learn from both. One of the good decisions we made many years ago was

Kim Richardson
Kim Richardson

understanding the importance of great partnerships. Over the years we have aligned with some awesome companies who have played a major role in our success. For over a decade at KRTS we have had a Preferred Partner, Preferred Carrier and a Preferred Supplier Program that offers companies in those three categories the opportunity to participate.

The reason why these “Preferred” relationships work is because there is skin in the game from all parties. Without a doubt our most important out of the Preferred Programs is our Preferred Partner Program. It really does require the most effort from our team at KRTS. In order for us to be successful with our Preferred Partner Program, KRTS must meet milestones agreed upon with the partner. Milestones, goals and objectives that benefit our Preferred Partner. Our current Preferred Partners supply equipment, tractors and trailers that we use every day in the delivery of our award winning educational programs
for every level and existing professional drivers.

Challenger Motor Freight, Trimac and Ippolito Transportation are our Preferred Partners. I will not share all of the details of our arrangement but I will tell you this, these companies do not just give us free equipment. There are many stipulations that are met by both parties and there must be a continuous return on investment for the partnership to continue. We have always delivered and met our Preferred Partners expectations. For that we are rewarded with the ultimate prize, that of a continued Preferred Partner relationship. These partnerships have taken years to develop.

Challenger, Trimac and Ippolito are special companies, best in their class and that is why we are their partners. I am confident if you ask them how they feel about KRTS they will tell you the same thing about our company, our people, best in our class. We will continue to work daily at being best in our class because there really is no free lunch. As it relates to our Preferred Partner relationship there is no free equipment.

I want to wish all of our industry associates a very Merry Christmas. To all of you and your families during this special time of year, may you be healthy and prosperous in the coming year.

About the Author
Kim Richardson is a husband, proud dad, friend, loves Caledonia, and is involved in a couple of businesses, KRTS, Transrep, The Rear View Mirror. Currently the Chairman of the Board OTA Allied Trade Division. Executive Director, PTDI and TTSAO. Anyone who knows Kim knows he has been in the industry and transportation runs in his blood. Kim can be reached through his business websites at KRTS Inc, and Transrep Inc, Kim Richardson on Linkedln, krichardson@krway.com

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