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Milton, On: On April 20th, 2017 members of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) Young Leaders Group (YLG) met for a strategic planning session at Maple pmtc logoLeaf Foods in Mississauga. The session was scheduled in conjunction with a PMTC board meeting, which as always is the case, members of the YLG had the opportunity to participate in.

The strategic session had several agenda items which focused on setting up the YLG for success moving forward in 2017. Those items included the structure of the organization, revised logo, PMTC YLG promotional video, and the first YLG event of 2017 to run in conjunction with annual conference.

The structure of the YLG has been a widely discuss topic amongst stake holders since the re-launch of the group in 2016. The plan out of the gate was to have a leadership young leaders groupgroup in place which would guide the organization. After a year with the leadership group in place, members of the PMTC Board of Directors and the leadership group of the YLG, came to the realization that a formal structure was required to successfully attain the goals of the group and position it to succeed for future years. Leading the YLG for the next 2 years in the Executive Director position will be Mike Colwell of Praxair. At the PMTC conference in 2018 an in-coming Executive Director will be voted on, to serve under the current Executive Director for 1 year, prior to taking the reins in 2019 for their 2-year term. Other Director positions decided on at the April 20th meeting include Matt Richardson of KRTS Transportation Specialist Inc. as the Director of Communications, and Joanna Mendoca of Staebler Insurance as the Director of Social Media. Another director position will be filled by Marcus Mares of PeopleNet, whose first goal will be to oversee the design and development of the new YLG website. There are 2 remaining director’s positions which will be decided on in June (Director of Events, and Web Director).

An opportunity for a promotional video, shot and produced by Trucker Radio has been made possible thanks to sponsorships from KRTS Transportation Specialist Inc. and TransRep Inc. The video shoot will take place on May 25th in Caledonia and will feature members of the YLG, PMTC President Mike Millian, and submitted footage from PMTC members. The conversation on the promotion of the YLG led into the decision to make some changes to the groups logo. The color scheme off the logo will be altered, and a couple slight changes to the graphic will take place. The promotional video and new logo will all be in place by the annual PMTC conference in June.

At this strategic session, the plan for the first YLG event of 2017 was discussed. As is customary, a YLG cocktail reception, open to all members of the group, PMTC board members, and conference sponsors will kick off the 2017 PMTC conference on the evening of June 14th. Prior to the reception, members of the YLG will take part in a team building and networking event at an Escape Room in Niagara Falls. The event will commence in the late afternoon, limiting the amount of time members spend away from the office. More information on this event including registration details will come out in future communication.

For more information, Contact:
Matt Richardson, Director of Communication via email at or at 1-800-771-8171 ext. 203
Mike Colwell, Executive Director via email at or at 905-827-4321 ext. 1192

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