Are you ready for the next step in your professional development? Are there new goals you want to reach in 2019? If so, let’s start off the new year with a resolution you can actually keep! Register now for the Next Generation and OTA-SEEC Leaders Certificate programs!

OTA’s original smash hit, the Next Generation Certificate program, delivered by the highly-esteemed Humphrey Group, was developed as an intensive leadership communication course for the future leaders of the trucking industry. The four-part certificate program is to strengthen a leader’s ability to communicate effectively and inspire action in others they work with – from drivers, to customers, to executive teams.

Going into its sixth year, the program has served as a valuable platform for young professionals in the industry to connect and build relationships, network, and meet other likeminded individuals while learning valuable tools to improve their leadership communication skills in the workplace.

All registrants in the Next Generation program must be OTA members in good standing. Members can click to register now to join the program. Here’s what past grads had to say about the benefits of the program.

Due to the popularity of the Next Generation program, graduates were left asking, “what’s next?” OTA’s LEAD Committee developed a follow-up program with the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) at York University, the OTA-SEEC Business Leaders Certificate program. Building off the Next Generation program, the program focuses on the theme of innovation, with the intention of creating an innovative mindset within leaders and using that mindset to drive innovation in the workplace.

Driving Innovation is a key part of the strategic planning process and is the number one strategic driver to help grow any business. Whether its launching new products, implementing new equipment, or improving IT systems, this program is ideal for future leaders looking at new ways to create value for their customers and their organizations.

All participants in the OTA-SEEC Leaders Certificate program must be graduates of the Next Generation Certificate program to be able to register. Next Gen graduates looking to register for the program can enter their unique login ID (which will be emailed to you) and click to register now for the OTA-SEEC program.

To get a better indication of what the OTA-SEEC program is all about, take a look at some of our group presentations from last year:

Team 1: How to build your leadership bench to maximize ROI?

Team 2: How might we use electronic POD’s to improve the trucking industry?

Team 3: How can we attract the next generation of professional truck drivers?

Eligible members can register at a cost of $1700 for the Next Generation Program and $2250 for the OTA-SEEC program. For more information on the programs and schedule please see the attached brochure, or please contact

Register early to reserve your spot – the training is provided in small groups, so space is limited!

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