The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada, along with the PMTC Young Leaders Group, was pleased to present 2 deserving individuals with the 2020 “PMTC Young Leaders Group Education Bursary” at its Annual Conference. The award was presented virtually by PMTC’s YLG Chairman, Matt Richardson.

“These awards present emerging young leaders with the funds to take 2 of the 4 courses required to complete the PMTC Logistics Management Graduate Program,” stated PMTC President Mike Millian. “These courses are offered through CITT, a leader in Transportation Logistics training. When completed, this will arm these individuals with the skills and confidence necessary to climb the ranks in their organisation and help them become a successful Leader. We also believe this award will help promote investment in the training needs of our future leaders.”

The 2020 recipients are Leanne Quail from Paul Quail Transport Sud Malhotra from Power Bev Inc.

Sud Malhotra

Sud started his career in the Transportation Industry in 2015, shortly after he moved to Canada from India. Sud had no background in Transportation prior to his arrival, but quickly became interested in the field once he realized how broad and diverse it was. Sud’s introduction to the industry was as a Safety Consultant in Risk and Compliance. Sud quickly took to this role, and has stayed in the safety field ever since, dedicating himself to learning as much about the industry as possible to make him a better safety advocate and leader. In 2017 Sud took Instructor and management courses from the Ontario safety League for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Trip Inspection and Hours of Service. Sud also completed the Driven to Lead leadership program delivered by Eagles Flight, a four-module experiential program that teaches current and future leaders better communication and leadership skills. Sud is currently enrolled in the Certified Risk Management Program at the University of Toronto. Sud has immersed himself in the industry as well and has sought out many mentors to expand his knowledge. Sud is heavily involved with the TTSAO, the Fleet Safety Council, The Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada as well as the PMTC. Sud’s passion to learn and constantly strive for new ideas and improvement are obvious to anyone who has met him. Sud is currently the Fleet Manager for Power Bev, managing safety and compliance for over 200 assets and their drivers. In 2020 Sud overhauled the Fleets training program for new and existing drivers to ensure they had the safest fleet possible on the road. Sud believes receiving the bursary will allow him to continue on his path of continuous learning and self-improvement and allow him to become an even better asset to his industry and employer. 

Leanne Quail

Leanne officially joined the family owned business, Paul Quail Transport in 2000, although her introduction and learning began long before that. You may remember Leanne as someone who won this award last year, and you are correct, so why is Leanne deserving to receive this award two years in a row you may ask? Leanne has worked many roles in her parents’ company over the years and has continued her education and process learning throughout her life, as was detailed last year. In the last year, Leanne has been heavily involved with the TTSAO, the Fleet Safety Council, the PMTC and the PMTC Young Leaders Group. In these organizations she has attended many conferences and seminars to improve her knowledge, as well as presented at some to share her own. She has worked tirelessly at promoting the industry to others as well and was heavily involved in the Young Leaders Group initiative to get out to job fairs and promote it to our youth. Last year Leanne completed both CITT courses that were part of her bursary, being logistics Processes and Transportation Systems. To no one’s surprised, she passed them both with honours. Leanne is 2 courses away from receiving her PMTC Logistics Management Diploma, and only 3 courses away from receiving her full CITT CCLP Designation. We have little doubt Leanne will achieve this with honours as well!

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