I commend the PMTC Young Leaders executive team for partnering with world class education leader Eagles Flight to deliver a diploma program to young leaders of the transportation industry. The PMTC Young Leaders Group has taken the time to research the best partner they believe available to deliver the Driven to Lead Program in an affordable and timely manner.

Here is why I encourage participation:

  1. The content is meaningful and to the betterment of our industry
  2. The young people in your company will excel by participating
  3. Your business bottom line will improve
  4. The time away from the office is minimal
  5. It is affordable

The future of our industry is dependent on our young leaders and we have a responsibility as the current leaders to ensure our next generation of transportation professionals have the skills and tools to lead our industry. We have all benefited from mentoring, networking and education is a very important part of success.

In the past for many of us it was through the University of Street Smarts and having the availability to be mentored by smart, caring people. This is still very important today but our young leaders want more and we need to deliver the goods or they will be leave for another industry. We must invest!

If we’re going to produce best in class leaders for the future we must deliver best in class education and certification. Our future leaders need to focus on so many moving parts of the business and the Driven to Lead Certification Program will help. The focus will be on culture, teamwork, accountability and strategy.

The program will be held at Eagles Flight head office in Guelph, Ontario and will be offered in four modules commencing September 19th, 2018 and ending in May of 2019.  With four separate full day modules, participants can choose to complete individual modules or complete the entire four modules to receive their diploma. The investment is very reasonable, $1800.00 for PMTC members and $2300.00 for non PMTC members. Individual modules are offered at $500.00 for PMTC members and $625.00 for non PMTC members. As a bonus those who complete the entire program will receive free registration to the 2019 PMTC Annual Conference where successful grads will be presented their diploma and participate in one of the best industry conferences in the transportation industry.

The PMTC Young Leaders Group is available to every young person in the transportation industry under 40. Currently you can join the PMTC Young Leaders Group for $110.00. The Young leaders group assist the board with creating events that would be of interest to the younger demographic of the transportation industry including education, networking, mentoring, career path and other subjects of interest. The PMTC Young Leaders Group branding statement says it all – Get Out, Get Involved, Get Inspired!

If you are a decision maker in your company look at what the PMTC is doing. In my opinion, there not just for the Private Carrier anymore, the PMTC is for all types of fleets and professionals, the value and return your company will receive for joining the PMTC and the PMTC Young Leaders Group in my mind is a very solid choice.

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