Kim and Lisa

For almost 2 years, Kim Richardson has served as the Chairman of the Board of the TTSAO. Through his 30 years’ experience in the educational industry in Commercial Driver Training, his involvement with numerous industry related boards and associations, he has been able to reposition the TTSAO. With his contract as Chairman of the Board […]

Education and Certification Is Important for our Industry by Kim Richardson


I am often amazed when I talk to decision makers in our industry about the importance of ongoing education and certification for people we employ. Some get it but many don’t. Not long ago I had the President of a trucking company say to me “I pay to help educate and certify people and they […]

The Value of Attending Industry Events by Kim Richardson


There are so many events happening in our industry, it’s impossible to get to them all. For myself and our people, it is really important that whatever events or conferences we attend that there is an opportunity to bring value back to our businesses. There are no guarantees but with some planning and goal setting […]

Improving the Image of Trucking at the TTSAO Conference


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Improving the Image of Trucking at the TTSAO Conference January 13, 2017 – Hamilton, ON – The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) continues to release details about their upcoming 2nd annual conference, “Striving for Excellence in Training”, scheduled for February 15th and 16th, 2016 at the Centre for Health and […]

Delegating Effectively by Kim Richardson

Kim Richardson

If you’re going to succeed in business, stay busy and have satisfied people you need to be able to delegate and diversify. Delegating properly and effectively with your people will allow you to work on the things that you’re good at. Becoming diversified and expanding your services allows your company to grow and most importantly […]

Making Your Small Business Tick by Kim Richardson


You don’t need a ton of cash to create a rewarding work experience and have satisfied people. Years ago people worked for their paycheques and that was good enough for them. Times have changed and that’s a good thing! Today, if you hire the right people they want to be engaged with the work they […]

The Value of Your Company Brand by Kim Richardson


There is always lots of discussion about what a company brand looks like or what it should look like. How is a company brand created and most importantly, what do customers feel or say about your company brand. Your company brand is based on your company’s culture, your core values and mission statement. In my […]

Should Carriers Be Concerned About Mandatory Entry Level Driver Training? by Kim Richardson

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It took over almost two years from the day the Toronto Star released their exposé, and revealed to the general public the major issues happening at Drivetest Centres, for the introduction of Mandatory Entry Level Driver Training (MELT) to happen. There has been lots of publicity and hoopla about MELT. There has also been some […]

Spending Real Time with Customers-By Kim Richardson


In my almost 30 years of being in business I have learned so much about the sales cycle and promoting and marketing what you sell. I have seen all types of sales people and I am not going to get into styles and what is the best way to sell. As a matter of fact, […]

Carrier School Summit – Don’t Miss it!-By Kim Richardson


The place to be if your in trucking is in Indianapolis, Indiana on Tuesday June 28th at the Westin Hotel. The Carrier/School Summit will kick off the Workforce Builders Conference (WFBCON) at 3 pm. There is no better place to be to hear what is transpiring in the training industry in North America for Professional […]